Roofing Systems

PVC Single Ply Roofing System

PVC roofing materials are a highly-engineered, flexible, thermoplastic membrane manufactured using an ultraviolet-resistant polyvinyl chloride and a DuPont Elvaloy KEE (ketone ethylene ester) formulation. It provides excellent weathering characteristics, high tensile strength and long-term flexibility. It also exhibits excellent resistance to harsh chemicals and industrial pollutants.

JM PVC and UltraGard´┐Ż PVC

PVC roofing systems result in a cleaner, quicker, more economical installation able to withstand heat, wind, rain, varying temperatures and many contaminants. The heat-weldable seams provide a unified, watertight seal as strong as the membrane itself. Systems can be installed fully adhered or mechanically fastened. A complete line of accessories, sealants and adhesives is also available.


Unusual penetrations or roof details are no problem for PermaFlash. The liquid-applied, two-part system has a pliable polyester scrim that can accommodate any shape as the reinforcing substrate for the MBR Flashing Cement. PermaFlash is easily installed in a wide temperature range and features great tensile strength, minimal odor release, enhanced workability and a low cost per penetration.

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