Roofing Systems

PermaFlash Primer

PermaFlash Primer is an organo-silane compound dispersed in isopropyl alcohol. It improves adhesion of MBR Flashing Cement to non-porous surfaces such as metals and some plastics. PermaFlash Primer is part of the PermaFlash integrated flashing system.

PermaFlash Scrim

PermaFlash Scrim is a stitchbonded polyester scrim that offers a sturdy combination of burst strength and toughness for roofing applications. The flexible polyester allows elongation of up to 50%, providing excellent accommodation to thermal stresses and movements.

PermaFlash Scrim is part of the PermaFlash System - an integrated flashing system specially formulated for use in bituminous roofing systems. The PermaFlash System also includes PermaFlash Primer and MBR Flashing Cement.

PermaFlash features a unique, two-part adhesive which has tested superior to one-part adhesive cements. Reinforced with the polyester scrim, the resulting system forms an exceptionally durable elastomeric seal which bonds strongly with a variety of substrates and features extremely low permeability.

The parallel fiber structure of stitchbonded polyester allows for faster and more uniform wicking of the MBR Flashing Cement than either fiberglass or polypropylenereinforcement, and the covering of visible fabric texture is an excellent indicator that the recommended minimum thickness has been applied. The result is a monolithic liner which remains intact even under thermal shock conditions.

Unlike polypropylene fabrics that quickly deteriorate if directly exposed to UV light, PermaFlash Scrim has superior weathering resistance.

MBR Flashing Cement

MBR Flashing Cement is a unique, two component, elastomeric, liquid applied flashing material, consisting of an asphalt/urethane base material and an activator. It is formulated for use with the Johns Manville (JM) SBS modified bitumen membrane products.

The two parts are MBR Flashing Cement Base and MBR Flashing Cement Activator. MBR Flashing Cement is available in 5-gal (18.9 l) pails, 1-gal (3.8 l) cans, or in cartridges. MBR Flashing Cement cartridges do not require premixing.

APPeX� 4.5M FR (2CIN-W/2PIN-W)

John Manville's proprietary blend of atactic polypropylene (APP) polymer and high-quality asphalt, reinforced by their tough non-woven polyester mat, provides this membrane with unsurpassed tensile strength, while maintaining critical flexibility - even in the coldest environments. APPeX resists puncture, tearing and the strains of rooftop traffic and structural movement.

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