Roofing Systems


APPeX 4.5M FR is a fire-resistant APP modified bitumen sheet. It incorporates the features of a tough, nonwoven, polyester mat that is saturated and coated with a blend of APP (Atactic Polypropylene) polymer, high quality asphalt and fire-retardant additives.

APPeX 4.5M FR has a construction that provides an extremely durable sheet with excellent weathering properties. The premium APP asphalt blend is formulated to provide excellent physical properties for ease of installation and long-term roof performance.

The polyester mat provides good tensile strength, toughness and puncture resistance and can accommodate stresses created by typical rooftop expansion and contraction forces.

The covering layer of ceramic-coated roofing granules provides durability along with superior resistance to damage from weather and foot traffic. The white granular surface also provides heat reflectance. The back of the sheet has a printed polyolefin burn-off film adhered to a diamond-embossed, textured surface for ease of heat welding.


Unusual penetrations or roof details are no problem for PermaFlash. The liquid-applied, two-part system has a pliable polyester scrim that can accommodate any shape as the reinforcing substrate for the MBR Flashing Cement. PermaFlash is easily installed in a wide temperature range and features great tensile strength, minimal odor release, enhanced workability and a low cost per penetration.

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