Roofing Systems

APP Modified Bitumen Roofing System

Johns Manville has developed formulations that enhance the asphalt's overall weatherability by modifying premium-grade asphalts. By combining these modified asphalts with non-woven polyester or glass fiber reinforcements, JM produces waterproofing systems that exhibit tremendous strength, elasticity and weatherability.

APP membranes provide superior tensile strength while maintaining critical flexibility - even in the coldest environments. Additionally, with APP roofing membranes (coated with a proprietary blend of asphalt and atactic polypropylene), contractors now have an efficient mode of application by heat welding, making hot mopping unnecessary.

Systems Technical Data

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  • Cold Applied: Introduction & Selection - Components - Application
  • Hot Weldable: Introduction & Selection - Components - Application
  • APPeX� 4.5M FR (2CIN-W/2PIN-W)

    The APPeX products provide just the right torch-ability across a wide range of temperature situations and a variety of rooftop conditions. JM APP solutions are known for their ability to remain flexible at low temperatures, resist cracking, blistering, UV damage and oxidation.

    APPeX� 4.5M FR (2CIN-W/2PIN-W)

    John Manville's proprietary blend of atactic polypropylene (APP) polymer and high-quality asphalt, reinforced by their tough non-woven polyester mat, provides this membrane with unsurpassed tensile strength, while maintaining critical flexibility - even in the coldest environments. APPeX resists puncture, tearing and the strains of rooftop traffic and structural movement.

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